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Creative transformation to a 220 square foot living space

by Natasha Winnik
May 10, 2014

Paula and Becky set about to transform a part of their historic house that was under utilized into a second living space. The back of their house used to be a porch, then it was closed in, but the space never functioned well. They wanted the ability to travel, live inexpensively within the core of… Read more »

Yoga Oasis and American Clay

by Natasha Winnik
March 23, 2013

Why we chose American Clay: The colors and textures are beautiful and earthy and it seems to have a calming, grounding affect on many who visit and practice yoga in the spaces. The finished affect of American Clay shares similar properties to other natural building materials such as adobe, rammed earth, cob and straw bale… Read more »

What Makes Up a True VOC Paint?

by Natasha Winnik
February 28, 2013

VOC is short for volatile organic compound; chemical liquids that evaporate at room temperature. Some examples of solvents used in low VOC or traditional paints are propylene glycol and paint thinner/turpentine. Traditional resins/binders (the stuff that sticks to the wall and binds the pigment) required chemical solvents to form a film as the paint dried…. Read more »