Bioshield uses natural ingredients with lead-free dryers available in: Resin Floor Finish, Aqua Resin Floor Finish, Aqua Resin Stain, and Resin & Oil Stain.


EcoProcote makes bio-based, penetrating, semi-transparent, permanent stains for concrete and wood.

Sealers & Finishes

Real Milk Paint

Real Milk Paint – 100% Pure Chinese Tung Oil, comes from cold pressing of the seeds or nuts of the Tung tree, no petroleum distillates or other additives – just Pure Tung Oil.   Hemp oil is squeezed from industrial hemp plants with a very light nutty aroma. It dries to a matte finish; it will never produce a gloss or even much sheen.

AFM Safecoat

AFM Safecoat makes a complete line of wood finishes; wood, masonry, grout, and carpet sealers; asphalt and roof coatings; and natural penetrating oil and oil/wax finish.


Bioshield is made with natural ingredients with lead-free dryers and is available in: Primer Oil, Herbal Oil, Hard Oil, Resin Floor Finish, Penetrating Sealer, Floor and Furniture Hardwax, and Wood Counter Finish.

CHENG Concrete

CHENG Concrete makes high-performance, low-VOC, hybrid stone and concrete sealer, polish, and protective wax care products for granite and concrete-based surfaces.


EcoProcote makes bio-based concrete and wood sealers for interior/exterior use; decorative concrete resurfacing system; non-skid, industrial, and waterproof coatings; and heat reflective coating.

Preparation & Cleanup

AFM Safecoat

AFM Safecoat produces Super Clean, a non-toxic, odor free, dye free, biodegradable, highly concentrated, all-purpose cleaner/degreaser.

Blue Bear (Franmar)

Blue Bear (Franmar) makes soy-based degreaser, adhesive and mastic removers, and paint removers.