Originate is a natural building materials showroom that specializes in interior finishes that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, durable, and made from natural, renewable, and recycled resources. We offer innovative and unique materials that rival the aesthetics and performance of more traditional interior finishes. Products include: countertops, tile, cabinetry, flooring, building materials, paints & plaster, stains & sealers, adhesives & caulks, fireplaces, and salvaged building materials.

Originate functions as a community resource. We enjoy sharing knowledge about natural building materials and helping you to make environmentally aware choices during the design and build process.

Over the years, we have collaborated with many individuals and have built lasting relationships based on those connections. The individuals featured here are part of our network.

Natasha Winnik

Trained as an architect with a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Miami and a MArch from the University of Arizona.

Worked in natural building materials, particularly with strawbale construction since 1997. Continued working in natural building materials through hands on classes ranging from earthen plasters, natural paints, earthen floors, and Japanese plasters.

Since 2000, been involved in green building materials, particularly environmentally friendly interior finishes.

Managed the construction operations of Franklin Court, the first small scale totally green development within the City of Tucson which won the 2006 Building from the Best of Tucson ‘Urban Infill Development Small Scale’ Award.

Started Originate in October 2003, a natural building materials showroom, in downtown Tucson, as a local and regional resource to foster conservation and sustainability in construction.

Published in Natural Home Magazine.

Natasha has served on the board of WAMO, the Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood Association, and sat on the Downtown Links CAC committee for 3 years, as well as being involved in many community planning processes.

Terry Moody

Terry has degrees in Art History and Fine Art from the University of Arizona. I started working with Terry in 2003 and she has done most of the graphic design for Originate since, from business cards and stationery, to advertisements, to our recent tree ring campaign, to both of our website designs. Terry has taken my ideas and turned them into a reality, and when there was something I wanted to try and she didn’t think it would work, she would still represent it. Our relationship has been one of collaborative teamwork from the beginning, and Terry has been instrumental in helping to create Originate’s image.


Cipriana Salazar

Cipriana grew up in the Bay Area and has a degree in Interior Design from Southwest University of Visual Arts (SUVA). Cipriana started at Originate as an intern while she was going to interior design school in the fall of 2007. She worked at Originate full time from 2008 through the summer of 2013. Since then you will find her randomly filling in at Originate. Cipriana is working in the field now, installing many of the products we sell at Originate and creating anything you can imagine. She loves a challenge and is one of the most creative people I know.

Gavin Troy

Gavin grew up in Tempe and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from ASU in mixed media. You may find him riding his bike around the downtown arts district of Tucson where he lives and works. He has been painting since graduating in 1994 using old wood, canvas and clay paints. I was drawn to Gavin’s illustration and painting style and asked him to design Originate’s logo in 2003. Gavin painted the mural on the outside of our 9th Avenue location in 2005, made the clay tiles for the entry steps and drew the map for our website and the icons for the home page of our original website in 2006. We have collaborated together over many years.


Skye is a German Shepherd mix from the Humane Society. She has come to work every day since before we opened. Skye was here for the long hours of renovating our 9th Avenue location. In the old days, she loved to greet everyone as they came in and walk around the store with you and even climb in the delivery trucks in search of a good piece of wood. Now she still loves to greet people, but it may be in the form of a sweet smile from the floor. She is still happy to see everyone and loves all of the attention and petting. She particularly loves treats!  Skye is well known around Tucson as we walk almost everywhere.