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Rammed Earth Courtyard Wall

by Natasha Winnik
January 9, 2018

I have been dreaming about a rammed earth wall between the main building and the metal building, the construction crew named ‘The Barn’. It would enclose the patio between the two buildings on the west side to create a courtyard.

Originally, a workshop was tentatively scheduled for the Fall of 2016, but then I broke my arm, so alas the workshop starts this Friday, January 12th. The workshop runs over three weekends, each weekend we will build an 8 foot segment x 6 feet tall. The walls are slightly battered and on the inside of the wall there will be a bench. We are excited to be working with Ray Clamons of Natural Building Works on this project.

If you have any interest in learning how to build with rammed earth, check out the Eventbrite page for more details. You can participate for one day, for one weekend or for all three weekends, there is still space available.

Tuesday, we moved out the fence, dug out all of the concrete supporting the posts and started digging for the foundation. Wednesday, we built the formwork for the foundation. Today we poured the foundation for all 3 segments – 10″ deep x 2′-10″ wide x 8′ long. Tomorrow the forms for the walls go up and hopefully the walls themselves start to rise!