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Yoga Oasis and American Clay

by Natasha Winnik
March 23, 2013

Why we chose American Clay: The colors and textures are beautiful and earthy and it seems to have a calming, grounding affect on many who visit and practice yoga in theIMG_0773_web spaces. The finished affect of American Clay shares similar properties to other natural building materials such as adobe, rammed earth, cob and straw bale and yet you can apply it to just about any wall surface you currently have, which is quite handy. It is also very flexible as far as style and can be applied to create old world charm or for more contemporary applications. And the best part about American Clay is that it is CLAY—a natural, non toxic material which is important to us because as a business we care about reducing our environmental impact. Additionally many of our students are aware of the cumulative harmful affects of chemicals and off gassing on their bodies so choose to practice in a space that is optimal for them.

~ Bronwin King (YogaOasis studio manager)